Robby Krieger - Singularity[2010]@VBR


Robby Krieger - Singularity[2010]@VBR


01. Robby Krieger - Russian Caravan (Intro) (3:23)
02. Robby Krieger - Russian Caravan (10:09)
03. Robby Krieger - Southern Cross (4:42)
04. Robby Krieger - Event Horizon (Intro) (2:23)
05. Robby Krieger - Event Horizon (7:19)
06. Robby Krieger - Coffin Dodger (3:10)
07. Robby Krieger - Coffin Dodger (4:33)
08. Robby Krieger - Let It Slide (5:24)
09. Robby Krieger - Solar Wind (4:22)
10. Robby Krieger - House Of Bees (4:58)
Durée: 50 minutes 23 secondes

"In Robby Krieger's new solo CD "Singularity" Robby Krieger revisit's The Doors without compromising the integrity of new material. Krieger explores jazz in Singularity with homages to John Coltrane, The Doors, hot and cool Jazz, and revisits his roots with flamenco and slide guitar.
Krieger has mentioned the inspiration for "Singularity" is a painting he did (which is used on the CD cover) of the event horizon of a black hole, the point at which light can't escape and falls back in on itself. Some of the songs, all instrumentals, do seem to fall back on to Doors material, most especially "Russian Caravan" like "War Toad" off Krieger's previous solo CD "Cinematix," a sly reference and reworking of Doors material. In "Russian Caravan" it is a reimagining of "Spanish Caravan." Krieger recreates a solo that was cut from "Spanish Caravan" and uses it as an intro into "Russian Caravan" which has a nice old world feel of Segovia's Spain which was sort of the influence for "Spanish Caravan."
"Let It Slide" also is very Doors influenced. At their best a Doors song could give the listener the feeling of traveling or that a journey was involved in the music. "Let It Slide" incorporates that feeling. "Let It Slide" has little ribbons of "Moonlight Drive" interspersed in it, but it's not obvious at first. It seems familiar to you but you're not sure why and then it occurs to you what's going on in the music.
"Singularity" has more reference points for Doors fans than "Cinematix" did without being a reiteration of The Doors, and introducing listeners to Krieger's expanding horizons as a guitarist."

Le dernier album solo du guitariste des Doors offre une palette de 10 titres instrumentaux (jazz fusion) puisant son inspiration dans des styles musicaux très variés. Un agréable voyage musical. A découvrir.

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Enjoy! :D

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